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Profit Is The Only
Marketing Metric

What is your purpose as a marketer? Is it to create brand awareness? Manage reputations? Develop propositions and messages? Campaigns? No. Your purpose is to make profit. Ours as an agency is to make our clients more profit. Anything else is just the means to an end.

Most of our time may be consumed by these means – branding, campaigns, messaging. All are important, even vital. But if we ever lose sight of the main goal then we are lost.

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Marketing: Skill, Profession or
Common Sense?

Marketers come in for a lot of stick. We form a large part of any successful business. We understand and define trends, specify products, influence culture and make salespeople’s lives easy.

Partly we're to blame. As an industry we have been poor at communicating the value of the softer side of our work: the creative work that turns hard facts into appealing messages, delivered in words or pictures, drawn, animated, filmed or coded.

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B2B Social Media: How to
waste money fast

Unfortunately most agencies are all too willing to jump to this sort of task when asked: it takes backbone to argue the case with a client, especially when money is being offered to get something done. When the orders have come down from on high, the argument is even more difficult.

But argue we must, because in most respects social media is no different from any other marketing channel.

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